Data Breach Claims

A data breach could have serious implications for your financial and mental wellbeing. Our team could help you get the compensation you deserve.

Data Breach Claims

Today more than ever, knowing who holds your data, and how it is used, is of vital importance. If your personal details – such as name, address, email, financial or medical details – were handled incorrectly or passed to another company without your permission, whether through negligence or malice, the consequences can be serious.

A compromised password or credit card information could allow someone to make purchases from your online accounts, while unauthorised transfers can be made from your bank account if a third party obtained your bank details.

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How FDM Solicitors Can Help

Even where no financial loss has occurred, significant psychological harm can be caused by breached medical history, employment records or financial information.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) ensure that those responsible for data breaches can be held accountable for the harm they cause. Our team of expert solicitors will review your case and could help you recover your lost money, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced.

Get in touch now if you suffered a financial loss or were otherwise affected because of a data breach in the last six years, or the last 12 months if the breach was at a public body such as the NHS or HMRC.

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