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Specialist legal firm providing expert advice and services in the field of claims case management & litigation.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in the fields of insolvency, company law and commercial litigation and frequently represent clients through the UK in high-value financial disputes, matters of law and litigation.

William O'Brien

Legal Director
William qualified as a Solicitor in 1979 and has been with FDM Solicitors since September 2019. As Legal Director, he oversees risk management, regulatory compliance, and data protection across the entire firm. William has a long history in claimant litigation, having been managing partner of Russell Jones & Walker’s Manchester Office for many years. Due to his strong capability in the field, William continues to be engaged in high value claims against many major UK banks and has been instrumental in using his leadership skills and range of experience to develop the firm into the excellent legal practice it is today.

Simon Lee

Operations Director
Simon has over 20 years of experience in debt resolution and insolvency, bringing that level of proficiency to FDM Solicitors in 2021. His oversight of all aspects of the day-to-day running of the practice has seen FDM Solicitors develop into the multi-service legal firm it is today, helping to win the best results for its clients across numerous areas of law. Simon works to bring out the best in the senior management team and employs his enthusiasm about team sports to build on the strengths of the practice to continue its progression and development onto greater and more ambitious heights.

Neil Connolly

Financial Controller
With over twenty-five years of experience in accounting and eleven years as a Financial Controller, Neil joined FDM Solicitors in July 2021. He is responsible for the entire operational finance system within the firm; including ensuring regulatory requirements for the SRA are met and maintaining records for both our client-base and numerous different departments. His role demands a thorough understanding of all aspects of the day-to-day running of the business and is integral in managing financial relationships in and outside the firm.

Peter Joyce

Associate Solicitor
Peter joined the practice in November 2021, bringing over 16 years of expertise to his role as Associate Solicitor. Having headed teams consisting of over 20 people, Peter has extensive experience in managing legal personnel. Peter not only leads our trainee solicitor programme but has developed the entire Undisclosed Energy Commissions department from its inception. Using his industry-leading knowledge on the topic area, Peter oversees all stages of the legal process to reclaim large amounts for business clients. He has been an influential part of the firm’s diversification into different areas of law and remains passionate about assisting clients reclaim vital funds for their businesses.

Rebecca Jordan

Relationship Manager
Rebecca has over 16 years of experience in senior management roles. In addition to managing the firm’s relationship with all external parties such as introducers, counsel, suppliers and solicitors, her role as Relationship Manager acts as a conduit between the Legal and Operations departments of the business. The daily work that Rebecca does helps ensure the most efficient practices and constructive policies are implemented to best support the firm’s various clients. Having been with the firm since its beginning, her continued input and passion have greatly accelerated the growth of the practice, helping the different departments work together in unison to best provide for the demands of our client-base.

Gabriella Guarnieri

Trainee Solicitor
Originally joining the practice as a Paralegal in 2019, Gabriella now trains as a Solicitor alongside her full-time role at the firm. With a multitude of experience in various areas of law, Gabriella works within the Housing Disrepair Department where she drafts documentation for legal proceedings and negotiates with defendants to gain compensation for clients. Since joining the practice, her commitment and hard work has seen the department grow exponentially. Away from work, she delivers coaching sessions to young athletes, having been a member of the local athletics club since her youth.

Shannon Thomas

After graduating with her LLB in Law with Honours, Shannon joined the firm’s Housing Disrepair Department in April 2022. Possessing a strong background in both litigation and review of documentation, Shannon is largely focused on the progression of client cases through the legal process. From drafting legal documentation, conducting case research, to negotiating settlements, Shannon works hard to ensure clients gain the most from each claim. In addition to her professional skills, Shannon is a team player who works effectively with colleagues and clients; talents she further enhances when playing competitive basketball in her spare time.

Tobi Oso

Since achieving outstanding results in her Legal Practice Course in 2020, Tobi has worked within litigation law and her superb legal acumen has allowed her to excel in supporting her clients. Tobi liaises with both clients and defendants to secure key legal documentation and negotiates the best outcome for each claim. From reviewing key details of each case to filing claims at court, Tobi’s competitive nature has encouraged her exceptional development as a young legal professional and she is excited to be a proponent of FDM Solicitors’ continued growth in the future.

Tim Harvey

Litigation Team Manager
Timothy joined FDM Solicitors in October 2019 and is currently head of our Litigation Department specialising in both individual Undisclosed PPI Commissions and bulk historic litigation cases. Working on behalf of insolvency practitioners, Tim oversees the entire Plevin team, issuing claims and recovering funds for clients across a variety of complex cases. Tim continues to train as a solicitor alongside his full-time role. He enjoys exploring different legal solutions and thinks creatively to resolve disputes, ensuring payments are made to his clients. Tim continues to lead his team and is key in resolving high-level settlement discussions with defendant solicitors across an extensive portfolio of matters.

Elaise Nassana

Legal Assistant
Elaise joined FDM Solicitors’ Housing Disrepair department as a legal assistant in June 2022. Since joining, Elaise has gained a reputation for her attention to detail and strong communication skills. Using her thorough research abilities to analyse complex legal documentation, Elaise will always go the extra mile to help clients get the most out of each case. Her dedication to providing the highest level of service makes her an asset to the firm. Highly organized, Elaise undertakes both vocational and charity work alongside completing her LPC in her free time.

Tommy Newlove

Proclaim Developer
As our leading case management system developer, Tommy has been with the practice since 2019. With 11 years’ experience in systems development, his thorough understanding of the role has seen him become familiar with the capabilities and limitations of the entire system, allowing him to develop a range of custom solutions and expert integrations to meet the needs of the firm. Tommy has become proficient in working with databases, integrations, and web services to better augment and facilitate the client case process and maintain service to match the demands of a modern legal firm.

Pete Wilding

Operations Supervisor
As an integral member of the operations team since 2019, Pete is responsible for effective data analysis work and integration of multiple software systems that ensure the firm efficiently processes cases for clients. Pete manages new software solutions to continually streamline business processes for the changing legal world. His familiarity with digital design and photography have allowed him to effectively assist and advise outgoing marketing content, remaining a key asset to strategic goals across the entire body of the firm.

Mike Morgan

Senior Advisor
Mike came to FDM Solicitors in June 2022 equipped with decades of high-level advisory experience which he has since employed to communicate with high volumes of clients effectively. His comprehensive knowledge of each case type allows him to comfortably advise clients of the case and their options at every stage of the claim process. Mike’s enthusiasm for helping others made him a natural choice for the role and he remains an important point of contact for a wide-ranging client-base.

Varaidzo Magara

Money Banking & Finance Analyst
With over seven years’ experience in finance and banking, Varaidzo joined the firm in October 2019. Her expertise in the field gives her a first-class understanding of a wide range of client money and banking matters, working diligently to effectively solve potential problems and think strategically when mitigating risks. Varaidzo has a proven track record of effectively managing client accounts, producing detailed reports, and developing solutions.

Fay Wilkins

Apprentice Paralegal
Fay joined FDM Solicitors as part of the ongoing Apprentice Paralegal Program. After gaining an extended Diploma in Criminology, Fay has quickly demonstrated an immediate proficiency with Housing Disrepair Law which is evident in the numerous 5-star reviews she has gained. Fay is dedicated to each case she oversees and is committed to helping her clients navigate the legal system and achieve positive outcomes.

Shelby Russell

Apprentice Paralegal
After graduating with an extended diploma in Criminology and Forensics, Shelby joined the practice with a strong passion for helping clients. Her solid understanding of contract law and civil litigation at the firm has been enhanced working alongside experienced solicitors and paralegals. Working within the Housing Disrepair Department, Shelby assesses all aspects of each claim, building strong relationships with clients and excelling in her assessment of tenancy files and inspection reports. Her enthusiasm and attentiveness in the role ensures she supports her colleagues and clients as she further develops her own understanding of key areas of law.

Jack Draper

Apprentice Paralegal
As an Apprentice Paralegal, Jack has been an important part of the Business Energy. Since becoming a member of the team in 2022, Jack has become familiar with the complexities of commercial law and has become essential in procuring information from energy providers to better augment client cases. He has since become proficient in his abilities and alongside his studies provides vital assistance in the disclosure of documents in the penultimate stages of Business Energy Cases.

Lucy Blinkhorn

Apprentice Paralegal
Lucy is a highly motivated and detail-oriented Apprentice Paralegal with an invested passion in helping clients. She employs her empathetic nature to resolve queries and has a strong foundation in case research and writing. Since joining the team in 2022, she has gained valuable knowledge in landlord-tenant law and experience in both document preparation and case management. Her commitment to the role has ensured her swift development as a legal professional at the firm.

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