Fraud and Scam Claims

If you have lost money due to fraud or a scam, we may be able to help you claim compensation.

Fraud and Scam Claims

Every year in the UK, tens of millions of pounds are lost to scams, and with fraudsters becoming increasingly clever and ingenious in their attempts to steal money, anyone could fall victim.

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Types of Fraud and Scam Claims

Common types of fraud you may have experienced include:

Impersonation scams
You received correspondence claiming to come from your bank, your internet or utility provider, or an institution such as the police or HMRC. You were advised to transfer funds, whether for security purposes or to settle a purported debt; the money was subsequently stolen.

Investment scams
You invested in a product such as cryptocurrency; property; or a trading company for gold, wine or watches. The investment broker or recipient disappeared, having taken your money.

If you made an investment that didn’t disappear but still lost money and you think you might have been mis-sold or mis-advised, read more about Mis-Sold Investments Claims here to see if we can help.

Purchase scams
You bought a product online, for example through eBay, Etsy, Gumtree, Facebook Marketing or Amazon. Your purchase never arrived, and you didn’t receive a refund.

Romance scams
You developed a friendship or relationship with someone over the internet and sent them money in good faith before they disappeared, taking your money.

How FDM Solicitors Can Help

Thankfully, if you lost money that you had transferred in good faith, or for goods or services that never materialised, we may be able to help. If you transferred £3,000 or more to a scammer through a UK bank and have already informed your bank but not had the lost money refunded, contact us now to see if you could be owed compensation with a no win no fee claim.

If you had a financial loss or otherwise suffered as a result of a third-party disclosing your personal details without your permission, read more about Data Breach Claims here.

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