From Neglect to Resolution: Solving Our Client’s Housing Disrepair Issues

Facing neglect from Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Miss D asked FDM Solicitors for help with longstanding housing disrepair.

Our Client

Miss D, a tenant of Hammersmith & Fulham London Borough Council, approached FDM Solicitors in May 2023 for legal assistance in addressing long-standing housing disrepair issues that had persisted for more than three years. Despite repeated complaints to the landlord, Miss D’s requests for repairs were disregarded, resulting in deteriorating living conditions.

Summary of Disrepair Issues

Miss D’s rented property had various disrepair problems, highlighting the neglect and substandard living conditions she had been enduring:

Living Room Disrepair

1.1. Leaks from the living room ceiling occurred, especially during rainy periods.

1.2. The living room walls and ceiling were affected by dampness and mould, posing a threat to both comfort and health.

Hallway Concerns

2.1. Leaks from the hallway ceiling were caused by a faulty shower installed in the unit above.

2.2. The hallway walls and ceiling were infested with dampness and mould, creating an unhealthy environment.

Bathroom Issues

3.1. Persistent leaks from the bathroom ceiling.

3.2. Dampness and mould on the walls and ceiling of bathroom 1, posing health hazards.

3.3. The extractor fan in bathroom 1 was faulty and not functioning, exacerbating moisture problems.

Kitchen Disrepair

4.1. Leaks from the kitchen ceiling were observed.

4.2. The kitchen walls and ceiling were affected by dampness and mould, compromising hygiene and safety.

Bedroom Challenges

5.1. Leaks from the ceiling of bedroom 2 were reported.

5.2. Dampness and mould infestation on the walls and ceiling of bedroom 2, compromising both comfort and health. The walls and ceiling of bedroom 1 were also affected by dampness and mould, further worsening living conditions.

Infestation and Electrical Issues

Miss D reported an infestation of damp flies in the property. The electrical board needed replacement, but Miss D was informed that this could not be done until the dampness and mould issues were addressed.

Damaged Wall from Mould

Legal Action Taken

After reviewing the extensive list of disrepair issues, FDM Solicitors took immediate legal action to address Miss D’s housing problems. A letter of claim was sent to Hammersmith & Fulham London Borough Council in June 2023, emphasising the urgency of the situation and the need for prompt resolution.

Resolution and Outcome

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of FDM Solicitors, Miss D received a favorable outcome. In August 2023, the case was settled, and Hammersmith & Fulham London Borough Council agreed to pay £7,500 in damages. This compensation aimed to alleviate the distress, inconvenience, and health hazards Miss D had faced due to the prolonged neglect of her rented property.

Impact and Client Satisfaction

The resolution of this case brought significant relief to Miss D, enabling her to address the necessary repairs and restore the safety and comfort of her home. FDM Solicitors’ commitment to advocating for tenants’ rights ensured that Miss D received the legal representation and justice she deserved in the face of negligent landlord practices.


Miss D’s case serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial role of legal advocacy in addressing housing disrepair issues. FDM Solicitors remains dedicated to supporting tenants like Miss D, ensuring that their rights are upheld, and justice is served in the pursuit of safe and habitable living conditions. For further information or inquiries regarding this case study, please contact FDM Solicitors.

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