Bristol students shelling out hundreds for ‘mould-ridden’ flats

Student housing nightmares unfold in Bristol as mould-ridden flats plague University of Bristol students.

The BBC has recently published a story about University of Bristol students struggling to afford even the most basic accommodation.

Students have said that they are working 20 + hours per week to afford the £700 per month average cost of what are generally ‘mouldy’ and ‘dangerous’ apartments.

The Bristol Student Union (BSU) launched a survey on 29th January to better understand the current renting crisis, gaining responses from over 550 students.

BSU’s own living office Izzy Russell, who commissioned the survey, told the BBC that her third-year home “was a death-trap”.

Damp and mould on wall

BSU conducted a similar study in 2014-15, discovering that 75% of students in Bristol were dealing with damp and mould in their accommodation. The average price was considerably lower, however at £396 per month.

In the most recent survey, it was reported that only 4% of students were paying less then £500 for their accommodation and 32% paying between £600 and £700.

One response stated: “The condition of student housing is appalling, properties lack maintenance, the majority contain mould which is extremely dangerous.”

The Bristol Living Rent Commission found the average private rent is growing in the city by 12.9% year on year. Students are struggling to find accommodation, and even having to miss lectures to go house-hunting.

A spokesperson for the University of Bristol said: “We have been working closely with Bristol City Council to implement a plan of new purpose-built student housing” to deal with the increase in demand for private rental properties.

Students are concerned however, with Ms Russell pointing out that “The university plays a role in the current bed shortage crisis, by continuing to expand student numbers without increasing support.”

Dangerous and excessive mould is something we see a great deal of when dealing with housing conditions claims.

Mould is known to cause various health issues such as respiratory problems, allergies, asthma exacerbation, and other respiratory conditions.

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