Tenants are “fed-up” with landlord Onward Homes in recent interview.

Social housing tenants have complained of being ‘fed up’ with urgent repairs being neglected by their landlord, Onward Homes.

At FDM Solicitors, we speak to tenants from all across the country, and the issues faced vary from damp, mould and broken windows to heating issues and infestations.

Social housing tenants from Coppice Close in Castlefields, Runcorn have complained of being ‘fed up’ with urgent repairs being reported and subsequently neglected by their landlord, Onward Homes.

Tenants have reported issues including electric shocks, leaks, broken lights and even rat infestations.

Disabled Mother of Four, Tammy Anderson reported that rats had gnawed through wiring, and that “one of the kids got an electric shock when they pressed the light switch”.

Water was leaking from the shower and not only destroyed carpets on the landing and stairs, but also damaged the lighting in the kitchen below.

Workers were dispatched by Onward Homes to correct some of the issues, however failed to keep appointments and didn’t complete the works to a good standard.

“There’s times when they’ve said they’ve been out while we were out the house, but we’ve checked the doorbell camera and nobody has been,” Ms Anderson reported.

Another tenant of Coppice Close, Natalie Glynn has reported issues with leaks, citing both the boiler and shower as causes to her problems.

The reliability of the contractors was again questioned, with Ms Glynn adding: “I have to take time off to stay at home for them to come out and they just don’t turn up, or turn up without telling you they’re coming and I’m at work.

“I’ve checked on the doorbell cameras and they’ve not been. I’m just fed up with it.”

In a statement from Onward Homes, it stated that it was “very sorry for the distress and inconvenience” and it was “working to put things right.”

Adding: “We will aim to carry out these repairs as soon as possible and we will keep in contact with them to understand what extra help they might need from us.

“After these are complete, we will visit to ensure each customer is satisfied with our work.”

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